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Blocked drainage can sometimes happen in many households. You may get to experience being in the shower, and the water level is quickly rising and slowly forming a puddle. You can also be surprised that the sink is already filled with water while brushing your teeth. The worst thing to happen though is when the toilet will not flush properly even after trying hard to flush it. Aside from being unhygienic, this can also be a shameful experience. It’s when you need a plumber Glenfield to fix the problem.

Blockage in the drainage can happen between the bathroom drain to the drainage pipes. The main cause of the blockage is objects like hair, dust, and other particles. It can even get worst when household products like detergents, soaps, conditioners, and shampoos accumulate. All these will become impenetrable and can prevent the water from flowing smoothly through the pipes.

You can utilize several ways to have your pipes working properly once again. There are gadgets offered in the market to provide a remedy to blocked drainage, especially when the obstruction is triggered by an accumulated hair. You can utilize a flashlight to see the blockage and get a wire bent at the end to pull out the clog of hair. You can even do this yourself.

You can also use a toilet plunger to clear a simple blocked drain. Just ensure that the whole plunger will cover fully the tub, sink or toilet drain. Surround the plunger with plenty of water, and then you can push it up and down until the blockage is fully dislodged. This may take some time, but it’s a method that works. If it doesn’t work, the blocked drain may be caused by mineral build-up, rust or a broken drain line.

You may want a plumber Glenfield to work with a plumbing snake. This is also one good tool to clear the blockage. The plumber can force it down the drain and rotate it by hand or machine depending on the size. However, he needs to be careful so as not to trigger serious injury or damage to the drainage pipes.

De-clogging chemicals may also be used to unclog the drain. However, the chemicals can be too dangerous to the environment as these are toxic and can cause poisoning and burns.

Objects that are contaminated with dirty water must be disinfected using a household bleach. Items that cannot be disinfected must be disposed or thrown instantly.

In cases where you encounter blocked drain, why not leave the job to an expert plumber Glenfield. He may find solutions to your problem. You may need to expend more for their services; however, they assure you that the problem can be fixed in less than a day. You can also ensure that drainage pipes are not damaged, and you protect your family from germs and infection.

To ensure that you can easily contact a plumber Glenfield in times of emergency. He can easily fix the problem in less time. So keep his number the way you need a doctor for illnesses.