Why meth contamination is a concern for landlords?

Just as finding a good home isn’t an easy job for tenants or buyers, finding a good tenant isn’t a cakewalk as well for the property owners or the landlords. There are several factors to consider when it comes to deciding the best tenant – income, background, work profile, general nature and so on. It isn’t always possible to determine how a person or family is from just their looks or job profile. And that’s where the problem comes in.

Loads and loads of property owners and landlords are presently scared stiff of the idea that their prospective tenant may be related to the use or manufacture of methamphetamine or meth as it is commonly known. Unlike many other drugs that are commonly used by substance abusers, meth has a much more impact, not only on the user, but the property as well and that is why hiring out a property to a residential tenant is much riskier than ever before.

Why the rising concern?

While substance abuse or drug use isn’t something new, yet the rising popularity of meth contamination has had a great impact on the real estate of several countries across the world. If you aren’t quite aware of the problems posed by meth, then here is some information for you.

Use of meth, especially smoking it indoors, gives off smoke that contains traces of the drug. This smoke comes in contact with the walls of the house as well as other furnishings like doors, windows, metal frames, sinks, faucets, etc. and gets deposited on them. When smoking is continued for months and in high amounts daily, layers of meth as well as other harmful components generated with the smoke form a layer over the walls and every other part of the house. So, even when your tenant removes his/her furniture and other things, the layers of meth still stay behind and become a part of your house.

Not only that, meth contamination also occurs when a resident of the house produces methamphetamine within the house, either on a small scale or in clandestine laboratories. Obviously, the harm caused is much more and your house becomes a high-risk meth contaminated property.

If a prospective renter or buyer carries out a meth test on the house, the property will surely show that it has high levels of meth contamination and presence of other dangerous substances. Naturally, he/she wouldn’t want to live in it. Not only that, if the house is reported as meth contaminated and gets registered with the local health authorities, every prospective buyer/tenant would steer clear of the house unless it is completely decontaminated by the professionals and receives a clean certificate from the local authorities. Naturally, you will have to bear the hassles and financial loss if the property is contaminated.

What to do?

Well, while renting out your property try to ensure that the prospective tenant has no association with meth or other drugs. Also, try to keep a watch on them and if you notice any suspicious activity or unwanted smell/smoke take action immediately.